Price per  pump is $35 USD shipped in the USA.

International shipping price for  2  and up to  4  pumps is $23USD.

Europe, Canada, Australia, elsewhere please email BMAVERICK@JUNO.COM for verified price shipped.

Payment:  Paypal or Western Union. My paypal email ID is bmaverick@juno.com
An email confirmation will then be sent to your paypal linked email.

A delivery confirmation/tracking number will be sent via e-mail, and kept for proof that the item was shipped. Please provide an e-mail for confirmation/tracking number.

Pumps have 18-inch length wires.  Connector is 3-pin fan type for plug-n-play use.

Intel ATX standard for 3-pin computer PC connectors: http://www.allpinouts.org/index.php/Motherboard_(CPU)_3_Pin_Fan_Connector

All pumps are new, never been used. The 50,000+ run hour life is still fully intact.

The pump specs for DDC-1T (aka MCP350) and ratings are found here:

The pumps can accept any of the MCP350 or MCP355 retail performance tops and reservoirs to increase the flow performance.  See Add-ons and Upgrades tab above for a listing.

My heatware ratings can be found here:


You are here: http://wp.me/P29GUZ-e

154 responses to “2014 — BUY DDC PUMPS HERE

    • Hi, just wondering if your pumps are still available. How much for 1 shipped to Canada? $49 USD? Just to clarify.


      • 1 pump shipped into Canada is $30USD + $22USD shipping. Total is $57USD. As of February this year, USPS raised the rates from $16 to $22. I would have liked the old rate and have the postal closed on Saturday, instead the rates went up and they stay open for a half day on Saturday.

  1. Hello!
    Can this one be used (or modded to be used) as a replacement for the Powermac G5 Quad’s pump? Would shipping to Europe be possible?

  2. Yes, the DDC-1T pumps can be easily used in a G5 LCS made by either Delphi or CoolIT that use the 10W pumps. My pumps do not have the VC. If the loop is being re-done, a DDC pump RES or a reservoir would be ideal to have. Refilling a G5 otherwise is some serious hardware and calibrated equipment to use.

  3. Thanks for the fast reply!

    I don’t know, if i get your answer right. Does this mean, using this pumps (lacking the voltage control) will make recalibrating the G5’s thermal management using ASD troublesome? If not (or if there is a workaround for that), i’d be VERY interested in buying one of your’s, if shipping to Germany is possible.

    Another question i have, concerning the coolant: You once recommended using Sierra @ the support community. Does this mean, it has to be this particular product or will any propylene based coolant do? Sierra doesn’t seem to be available over here, but other PG coolants are.

    • VC is not voltage control.

      VC is Volume Compensator. :)

      A DDC-1T-VC is the tall pump with the fluid reservoir beneath the main body of the pump. My pump is the base model, the DDC-1T. It has the same PCB and the four wires.

      Sierra is the original fluid used in the LCS during development. The Sierra PG coolant has the correct balance of corrosion inhibitors. Thus, you will only need to flush the system once per year. Coolant mixture is 33% Sierra PG and 66% distilled water. The MSDS sheet can be found here: http://www.sierraantifreeze.com/sierra_msds.html As for other brands of PG, it would be hard to judge the protection without knowing the tested results. However, if you do get a brand close enough, flush then every six months to be safe.

  4. Thanks for making the VC-point clear! ;)

    I don’t know wether my actual pump has something like that or it’s just a spacer. There’s a block of about the same height as the pump itself below it. The pump is labeled DDC 3.1, 12v, 10w. If shipping of your pumps to Germany is not possible, can a 1T be used too? They seem to be quite easy to get over here.

    Sadly i have a reply from Sierra right now, telling they don’t sell overseas. So i have to try something else. But :O! Flushing once a year or even every 6 month! I have NEVER changed the coolant in the passed 4 years, i’m using this machine. And i strongly doubt, that the previous owner did, as Apple decleares the LCS “service-free“. I was happy, it didn’t seem to leak any liquid and was scared to touch it.

  5. The retail DDC-1T may only have three wire or two wires. It will be missing the fourth wire that is the PWM control with the Apple G5 workstation. I’ve sold a few over to Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Croatia, and the UK, Shipping is $17 flat rate for 1, 2, 3, or 4 pumps combined.

    As for the coolant change. The original coolant used was suppose to last 7 years before the extended warranty ran out. This was the intended life of the LCS before overhaul. The replacement coolant is not the OEM coolant. It worked in development and production of the Delphi/Corsair HydroCool 200/EX and the Delphi/Corsair Nautilus 500. If you find another PG coolant with corrosion inhibitors in your area, you will be in good shape. The PG coolant mix also extends the life of the pump too as it provides good lubrication between the plastic of the impeller riding the white ceramic ball.

  6. PS, As the G5 machines with an LCS get older, the pumps running 24/7 beyond almost 6 years could have issues. I’m one of the few with spares. Once my supply is gone, there is no more.

    If your G5 isn’t leaking and is still working, picking up parts for a future overhaul may be wise. ;)

  7. Thanks again for the reply!
    Good news (for me ;) ) first: today, after extensive cleaning and using a possibly stronger PSU, my old pump came back to live!

    Anyway, you’re right about the spare parts. And i’m still interested in buying one of your pumps. But i think, one will be okay for now.

    Two questions left:
    You tell (and the picture shows) that your pums have the 4 cables, just like apples own. Does this mean, that widely discussed problems about cabeling
    are no matter with your parts and it’s just a drop in replacement?

    As also mentioned somewhere in this thread, swapping the VC from the Apple pump to your’s is not an option, because of some missing valve?

  8. Good to hear your pump has life still.

    As for my pump being a drop in replacement to a G5, the 4 wires are identical coming from the PCB. It’s possible the wires need to be arranged in the correct order.

    My pumps are WITHOUT the VC. (Volume Compensator or known as the pump valve). Thus, they will work in a G5 … if the LCS has a reservoir added. Adding in a reservoir is a good thing. How else will a person fill the LCS like the average WCing person does on an Intel PC? The Delphi LCS requires a very special and sophisticated fill station.

    I’ve supplied up to 5 people already with pumps to rebuild their G5 LCS. They in turn used reservoirs from Swiftech, Danger Den and XSPC.

    • Marko, shipping to Finland is $17USD. Total cost is $52USD for one pump shipped. Paypal ID is bmaverickATjuno.com. Replace the AT with @.

      Thank you,

      BMaverick, meeting your DDC pump needs

  9. Hello I’d like order mod pcb (x2) if is possible for my pump (DCC-3.2 18W) or buy new similar pump with shipping to UK.Thx Peter

    • Peter, You will need to visit eBay and search for DIYINHK for any of the PCB mods. All I have are pumps. I do offer non-funtional PCB pumps for people to do the mod themselves for a very low project cost.
      Hope this helps.

  10. hello, I need a DDC-1VC 52412270 DC12V 10W E82642 for my Powermac G5
    how much will it cost
    how much cost transfer to Austria (Österreich)
    thank you

    • Dietmar, Yes, I do have the pump, but without the VC. Mine are the Laing DDC-1T with the correct 4-wire setup. You will need to keep the old connector from you dead pump and swap the terminals. Cost for 1-pump to Austria is $47USD shipped USPS Priority International mail. My paypal email ID is bmaverick@juno.com

    • Pumps are $35USD each shipped within the USA. Total is $70USD for two. Makes no difference 1,2 or 3-pumps. As for 4-pumps shipped in the USA, the price is $120USD ($20USD discount for a 4-pack). International prices vary, but I offer a 4-pump discount as well.

  11. Hi, I already have an MCP35X pump yet, as a member of OCN (should be OverKill dot net) I am contemplating a second pump for my loop which consists of: an EK Multioption X2 Res 150 Advanced – MCP35X – XSPC EX240 rad – HeatKiller GPU^3 GTX680 “Hole Edition” Waterblock + HeatKiller Backplate (for an EVGA GTX670FTW) – XSPC EX420 rad – Swiftech Apogee HD CPU Block – back to res… I have the MCP35X mounted directly to the bottom of the res via a male-to-male rotary coupler, but I have been wanting to add some things such as a drain port, a fill port, an inline coolant filter (Koolance), and a few T-fittings (one just before the res, one just before the GPU, one just before the CPU) with temp sensors installed.
    I would really like to keep my flow rates as high as possible, and as I will be adding a second GPU and a Motherboard Block (Rampage IV Extreme) in the next few months, and possibly a third radiator (an EX140), I think that a second pump working in serial would be beneficial, if for nothing else than redundancy (but ideally increased flow)..

    My main question is: would one of these MCP350′s work in-tandem with an MCP35X using the MCP35X2 dual-pump-top? Would there be ANY downsides to using two different pumps with one shared top, considering one is PWM-controlled and the other is not?
    Or, would I be better off having the two pumps mounted separately, such as the MCP35X being the “main” pump connected directly to the res, and having it feed the MCP350 which would then go on to flow water through the loop?

    Thanks for your time!

    • Per Martin’s testing of two different flowing pumps in a loop, it would seem practical to place the MCP350 before the MCP35X in the dual RES setup. The best bang for flow is to have the pumps in series one after the other. Placing the pumps further away diminishes the boost effect. Hope this helps … BMaverick

  12. if i need to buy one of these pumps, i just send 35$ to your paypal email ID? my paypal account is an international account and the address registered is international of course, but i need to be shipped to my address in New York. it that a problem?

    what do i need to mention as a reference when i send the payment, through paypal?

  13. Just ordered a pair, taking advantage of the surprise 2-4-55 sale. Should work very nicely tied in with a Swiftech Maelstrom…. :)

  14. Was about to order 2 of these but now I think I confused myself by reading too much. Are these working pumps (Stock), pumps that have been revived with DIYHINK’s mod, or pumps that are no longer functional waiting to be revived by the purchaser doing DIYHINK’s mod? Also if it’s the either of the first two how do I place an order?

    • Gaven, Yes, the pumps are working stock versions of the Laing DDC-1T with the 3-pin fan connector. I only provide information about DIYINHK as an option for people to consider to try themselves. I do have a limited non-functional PCB pumps available from time-to-time for $15USD shipped in the USA so they could try doing the DIYINHK mod. As for purchasing the pumps, simply use paypal and send the funds. (or Western Union orders via email) $35USD shipped in the USA. For International, please send an email to bmaverick@juno.com Right now, the pumps are 2 for $55USD until midnight tonight.

    • Can’t quote anything since I have no access to my own computer. Pumps are standard 3-wire Intel ATX fan connector type. Just don’t use the thrid wire. It’s still plug-n-play since there is still power and ground. :)

  15. Hello :) thanks for the great opportunity to get a great pump at a great price! Payment sent along with an email :)

  16. It says as of 23 March 2013 you have pumps. Is this correct?

    I also have a question or two. I have a powermac G5 with the Delphi/Laing DDC V.5.4 pump. Is there a way to mod my current pump to get rid of the reservoir? My pump otherwise works. Do you have the parts available to remove this part from my pump? If not where do I PayPal to so I can order a pump.

    • Nathan, Yes, to remove the RES (reservoir) base from the DDC-1T-VC pump to make it into a DDC-1T, you will need to epoxy the hole inside the pump just under the white ceramic ball. Superglue-GEL works well for this. However, the run life is unknown for this bonding method to the hole. Also, you will then need to replace or cut the (4) four pump screws to become shorter. OR, just order a DDC-1T from me and swap out the end connector. My pumps are the original DDC-1T 10W@12VDC. On your pump, peal back the black cardboard on the pump side and see if it’s 10W, 12W, or 18W pump.

  17. Quick question, what is the headroom on one of these pumps? Might be really tired but I’m not understanding the graph. Thank you in advance. Also, will this fit a dual bay ddc reservoir from xs-pc? And If i have the reservoir, radiator, tubing, fans, waterblock and the pumps I purchase from you I should have everything I need, correct?

  18. hey i live in usa postal code 91748 i would like to find out the price of it shipped here as i am comptemplating buying one in the near future

  19. Do you still have pumps? I was wondering if you still have pumps available. I sent payment on Friday, but I guess I should have checked to see if you still have any first!



      • Yes, I just got back late last night. The bus ride always seems slow when going home. Youth camp was good. The bugs were not biting as bad like last year. Internet access is like almost nothing out there, sorry for the delays at times. Pump packages are going out either Monday or Tuesday as one person needs to respond with a shipping address. Not sure why people do not include their mailing address with their paypal account.

  20. I have purchased Two pumps, I just want to verify that my PayPal transaction included the mailing address. I checked the status and there is no indication of your mailing can you please confirm and reply with a mail tracking. Thanks Stev…

    • Miguel, Please refer to your email that is linked to your Paypal account for tracking and shipping information. I do not directly send tracking to any other email address unless purchased via WU or Postal MO.

  21. Hi there. I’m just curious, how much would it cost for 1 pump shipped to Australia?? And also would EK DDC mod tops work with these pumps? Thanks

    • UTO, ciao.
      1-pompa è $35USD + $23USD Spedizione = $58USD a casa tua.
      2-pompa è 2X$30USD + $23USD Spedizione = $83USD a casa tua.
      3-pompa è 3X$30USD + $23USD Spedizione = $113USD a casa tua.
      4-pompa è 4X$30USD + $23USD Spedizione = $143USD a casa tua.

      4 pompe per pacco tramite USPS International Priority Flat Rate posta.
      Consegna tipico 7-14 giorni.


    • ciao matteo,

      Sì, ho le pompe. MCP350 tipo.

      Mi spiace non cime potenziate.

      1-pompa è $35USD + $23USD spedizione = $58USD.
      2-pompa è 2x $30USD + $23USD spedizione = $83USD.

      Paypal email è bmaverick@juno.com
      Fornire indirizzo postale completo nei commenti.


      Bmaverick, fornendo la vostra pompa DDC necessita

  22. Can you control the speed on these pumps from the motherboard connector? How much of a difference in price is 1 pump vs 2 pumps to Canada?

    • Ken,

      Pumps only have power, ground and tach speed feedback. One must use a fan speed controller of 10W to 12W to regulate pump speed or a variable power rehostate control.

      1-pump is $35USD + $23USD Shipping = $58USD to your door.
      2-pumps is 2X$30USD + $23USD Shipping = $83USD to your door.
      3-pumps is 3X$30USD + $23USD Shipping = $113USD to your door.
      4-pumps is 4X$30USD + $23USD Shipping = $143USD to your door.

      4 pumps per parcel maximum via USPS International Priority Flat Rate postal.
      Delivery typical 7-14 days.


  23. Do you still have any left? If so, what’s the price for
    a) one pump + shipping to denmark
    b) two pumps + shipping to denmark?


    • Thomas,
      1-pump is $35USD + $23USD Shipping = $58USD to your door.
      2-pumps is 2X$30USD + $23USD Shipping = $83USD to your door.
      3-pumps is 3X$30USD + $23USD Shipping = $113USD to your door.
      4-pumps is 4X$30USD + $23USD Shipping = $143USD to your door.

      4 pumps per parcel maximum via USPS International Priority Flat Rate postal.
      Delivery typical 7-14 days.


  24. I’m in the process of watercooling in my ft02 and might have 2 (or 3) gpu blocks, 1 cpu block, 3x180mm rad, and maybe a (120mm rad). Is one pump enough or would I need two.

    • Jason, a quick thought would say (2) two pumps would be fine. Tubing and angle fittings also provide restrictions in the WCing loop. 3-RADS have more expand contract in the loop for added restrictions to the flow. So, I would say (2) pumps.

      • A few of the WCing sites have loop calculators that could give you a ballpark view of needing only one pump. It would run a risk if the overall flow rate was less than 1gpm to 1.5gpm. The Delta-T with a lower flow would rise making your OC or system shut-down in a period of time due to use.

  25. Hi, I have a PowerMac G5 and I suspect the pump has failed as I have re-built the cooling system with new hose, clamps, coolant as it had a overheating problem, since re-installing it all, the problem still exists but as I now have semi-see-through hoses I can’t see the liquid being pumped through so what I need to know is, is it more cost effective to replace the PCB or just buy a new pump? I am from the UK so would need quote in GBP including shipping. Many thanks.

    • David, My DDC-1T pumps are direct replacements for the G5 DDC pumps. These pumps are 4-wired in the common connector. When a person orders an Intel setup, I just swap the connector for their needs.

      Pump price is $35USD + $23 shipping to your door = $58USD total

  26. Hi,
    how such for two pumps sent to Australia (melbourne)? pls quote in AU dollars as I am not sure how paypay converts AU to US?

  27. Hi
    I bought one DDC-1 52407278 from your company, this pump has 3 cables for connection but my old one a DDC1VC 52412270 has 4.
    please inform me how i can chance the cables on the board .

    Thanks in ad vans

    • Georges, Yes, pumps are sent out as 3-wired. If you “special requested” in the paypal comments to maintain 4-wire connector configuration for a G5 or Dell H2C then the pumps would arrive as 4-wire. It’s the only way I can be notified to process a “special request”. If you need a 4th wire, you can open the pump and solder a 4th wire to the PCB. This will allow the Laing proprietary PWM to interface with an OE Apple or Dell BIOS.

  28. Hello. I ruined my DDC-1T PUMP by changing polarity and PCB ways blo up. Can I buy only PCB from you. Or can I buy a PCB and one pump together? IM from Europe,czech republic.how much will it cost?

    Thanks in advance Dave

  29. Hello bmaverick, could you confirm the DDC-1T pump’s compatibility with a Monsoon Series Two DDC 5.25″ reservoir? If the pump uses a 3-pin fan header, would it be fully compatible with a 5.25″ fan controller? Lastly, would you be willing to sleeve the cables in black?

  30. Nevermind about the fan controller and reservoir question, I didn’t realize that the 3-pin header was only for RPM monitoring, and I actually found a YouTuber that installed a DDC-1T into the mentioned reservoir. So if you’re willing to sleeve the cables, let me know how much more it will cost. Thanks!

      • That’s alright, it’s not a big deal. From my understanding, these pumps are powered only through a 3-pin fan header, is that correct? If that’s the case, do you have any that are powered through a molex connector and monitors RPM with another 3-pin header?

  31. Will, Yes, the 3-wire fan connector will plug into a 3-pin fan header on the mobo or the PSU. The 3-wires are 1 = ground, 2 = power, 3 = tach speed feedback. A typical 3-wire fan connector to 4-wire molex/AMP jumper cable works well. These are a mere $4 at Radio Shack or around the web.

    • Ryan, I’m glad to be of service. Also, I’m thankful that your package was not the longest to take delivery. Each country customs port has rules, back logs and holidays to allow parcels into the country. -B Maverick

    • Jeff, Good to hear from you. Shipping rates went up on March 1st this year, thus the best price I can do is $35USD per pump. Typically, people order two pumps much of the time, and my rates reflect that already. I loose on shipping already on single pump orders.
      2 pumps in the USA = $70USD
      3 pumps in the USA = $105USD ( I could make this an even $100USD for a break in the shipping. )

      On the other retail sites, 2 pumps = $168USD + shipping and 3 pumps = $252USD + shipping. Nobody on the web has ever beaten my overstock “new” pump prices for the past 5 years.

      • I sent the funds via PayPal for two pumps as well as an email. If they work well (I’m certain they will), I will definitely be looking to purchase more!!

        Thank you!!!


    • I may have a pump or two for the G5. It comes with the standard flat 6 terminal connector that has 4-wires. If you have read the Apple forum on how to swap out the G5 connector on your pump to this pumps, you are good to go. :)

  32. Hi mate,

    Do you still have stock for these DDC pumps. I need 2, how much shipping to Australia (sydney) and what is the turnaround time?


    • CJ,
      One pump is $35USD + $23 shipping =$58USD to your door.
      Two pumps is 2X $35USD +$23USD shipping = $93USD. Typical shipping to Spain is 11-17 business days. At best, I have seen 9-days.

  33. Hey, I just sent payment through Paypal for 1 DDC pump. I have a quick question, are the wires bare or terminated with a fan header or something already? It wasn’t clear from the description.

    Brad Burnham

      • Thanks much for the info. When I looked at the description again after posting it was actually pretty clear that was the case. I must have just misread it the first time through.
        If you don’t mind me asking, what would be the ETD for the pump? (rough estimate of course)

      • Typically pumps are sent out on Monday and Fridays. Monday has the orders from the weekend and Fridays the week. However, it was slow on the weekend due to the holiday, so pumps are going out today from Sunday up to Tuesday orders. Pump go out via USPS Priority Mail. So, the average is 2 to 3 days.

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