Add-ons and Upgrades

This is a compiled list of add-ons, mods and upgrades. To find these, simply use a search engine with the names below.

Aftermarket Tops

– Alphacool DDC Top
– Alphacool Reservoir Top
– Bitspower Mini Reservoir Top
– Danger Den Acrylic DDC Top
– Danger Den Acrylic Reservoir Top
– EK DDC X-Top Acrylic Rev. 1 & 2
– EK DDC X-Top Acetyl Rev. 1 & 2
– EK X-Res 100ml Reservoir Top
– EK X-Res 140ml Reservoir Top
– EK Dual Turbo Top
– Feser Reflector Top
– Koolance DDC Top
– OC Labs XP Reservoir Top
– OC Labs XP Top
– Petra’s Tech Top
– Swiftech Reservoir Tops
– Watercool DDC Acrylic Top
– Watercool Dual Power Top
– Xirex Reservoir Top
– Xires DDC Top
– XSPC Reservoir Tops


– UN Designs Pump Bracket
– XSPC Acrylic L Stands
– Rubber Anti-Vibe Mounts
– Feser Colored O-Rings
– Aluminum 4-Point Anti Vibration Mount


– Shoggy sponge isolation mount
– Lee “RoboTech” Garbutt’s with the first DDC pump mod
– DIYINHK aka DoItYourselfINHongKong PCB replacement mod


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